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Video Isolation Transformers

For ground isolation in video and data transmission systems. Input and output impedances are insulated from ground and from each other. Their purpose is to discriminate against false voltages resulting from the flow of undesired currents between the LO sides of the source and a remote load. Major objective in their use are:

  • Removal of "humbars" or other interference in Broadcast, Telecommunications and UHF/VHF and DTV applications
  • Cost-effective solutions to interference due to differences in ground potential or induced common-mode noise

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A comprehensive tutorial on Wideband Transformers can be found in Application Note 151: Wideband Transformers.

  • DTV Humstoppers
    The solution for passing any UHF/VHF-based signals, including Digital Television ("DTV"), without degradation, while eliminating any ground loop interference (50-900MHz).

  • TV Humstoppers
    DC-isolated "Humstoppers" for power-line isolation.

  • TV Humbuckers
    DC-coupled "Humbuckers" for power line isolation
  • Active PCB Mount Video Ground Isolator with Field Tilt Corrector
    The NH16692 Video Ground Isolator is designed for ­installation at the receiving end of a coax transmission line. Potential ­differences between the ground of the coax line and the ground of the receiving equipment are attenuated more than 120 dB for voltages up to 500VRMS.
  • PCB Mount Video Tilt Corrector
    Blocking capacitors and inductive loads will limit the low-frequency response in a video transmission network.  The result is a field tilt that, if excessive, may ruin sync and picture quality.  The Video Field Tilt Corrector will restore the original waveform with minimal residual tilt.

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