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North Hills Signal Processing announces availability of single and dual balun transformers for SMPTE 292M HDTV applications

Syosset, NY (May 1, 2014) - North Hills Signal Processing Corporation, a leading provider of measurement and connectivity solutions, announces the immediate availability of our new SMPTE 292M Video Balun Transformers.  These transformers interface a 75 ohm coaxial cable to a 100 ohm balanced circuit using Sabritec and BNC connectors.  The baluns are precision engineered for low insertion loss and excellent return loss and have a wide bandwidth extending from 500 kHz to 1.5 GHz. 
North Hills’ new video baluns are available in two different configurations and include a single (twinax connector) and dual (quadrax connector) balun configurations.  The BTD1485VB7510-1 utilizes a Micro Twinax Sabritec 014117-5000 connector packaged in a 0.96” W x 1.36” L x 0.94” H - 30 gram steel canister.  The BTD1485VB7510-2 utilizes a Quadrax Sabritec 012817-5002 connector packaged in the same 0.96” W x 1.36” L x 0.94” H package weighing 35 grams. 
Insertion loss of 0.8dB and Return Loss of greater than 10dB guarantees video signal performance over the operating temperature range of +125°C to -55°C.  Operating bandwidth of the balun transformers is between 500 kHz and 1.5 GHz and Peak-to-Peak Jitter is below 40 ps for both the single and dual versions. 

More information can be found on the data sheet located at http://www.nhsignal.com/pdf/products-video-hi-freq-balun.pdf, the North Hills website at http://www.nhsignal.com, or contact us at NH-sales@nhsignal.com or 516-682-7700.

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