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North Hills Introduces a High-Quality Ground Isolation Transformer for TV/FM/Cable VHF/UHF Carriers 50-900MHz

Syosset, NY (March 12, 2009) - - North Hills, a division of Porta Systems Corporation, announced it has developed the NH16573, a high-quality ground isolation transformer with a bandwidth from 50MHz to 900MHz.  This “Humstopper” can be used to eliminate the 60Hz hum bars and ac beat interference from your broadcast and cable TV that is degrading your picture.  Broadcast and cable TV signals span a very wide spectrum (54MHz–864MHz modulated), and are susceptible to ac ground loop noise.

What is Ground Loop?
Differences in potential at the power line frequency between grounds at different locations will cause the flow of 60Hz ground loop current through the shield of a coax cable between such locations. The resulting potential drop adds to the transmitted VHF/UHF signal causing 60Hz cross modulation in the receiving equipment  Separating the grounds by means of the isolation transformer prevents the flow of 60Hz ground current and signal interference effects.

The NH16573 Ground Isolation Transformer is the solution for passing any UHF/VHF-based signals, including Digital Television ("DTV"), without degradation, while eliminating the ground loop interference.  It has built-in DC isolation between its input and output RG-59 "F" connectors.  The NH16573 can be used to monitor the transmitted broadcast signal in an office some distance away from the broadcast transmitter because there may be a sizable potential difference between the grounds in the two locations. It can also be utilized to clean up the modulated TV signal when your HDTV/VHF/UHF-antenna-gateway-to-converter-box distance is long enough that ground loop noise is the result.  In addition, if your TV and digital converter box are separated by a long distance as well, and are equipped with male F connectors, the NH16573 can also be placed between the digital converter box and TV to pass the signals modulated on either on Channel 3's 60-66MHz or Channel 4's 66-72MHz  frequency allocations.  (It will also allow isolation for FM band radio, which resides between Channels 6 and 7.)  The NH16573 accomplishes all this without adding distortion.  Please click on the data sheet for additional information.

For eliminating digital and analog TV noise, North Hills' NH16573 is your answer.

About North Hills Signal Processing Corp.
North Hills is a leading provider of measurement and connectivity solutions since 1952.   Its leading-edge products are currently meeting the demanding needs of OEM customers in the military, aerospace, instrumentation, medical and industrial process control markets.  North Hills is a division of Porta Systems Corporation headquartered in Syosset, New York with operations throughout the world.

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