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Four Terminal Balanced Impedance Adaptor Facilitates High-Accuracy Impedance Measurement

Syosset, NY (September 22, 2008) — North Hills Signal Processing Corp., a division of Porta Systems Corp., introduces a new Balanced Impedance Adaptor to facilitate high-accuracy impedance measurements.  To measure balanced impedances requires a balanced to unbalanced converter, usually a balun transformer.  The NH16552 includes a balun transformer and features four terminals on the unbalanced side to conveniently interface with the measuring instrument.

The NH16552 easily interfaces with Impedance Analyzers and LCR Meters.  To facilitate high-accuracy impedance measurements, inputs to Impedance Analyzers and LCR Meters are configured as four-terminal Kelvin connections – two pairs of current and potential terminals. These are usually unbalanced, i.e. one side grounded.

The impedance levels are 50ohm balanced to 50ohm unbalanced. A 50ohm impedance standard and a shorting plate are provided for calibration purposes. The frequency range is 100Hz to 10MHz.  Please click on the data sheet for more information.

The NH16552 is equivalent to the Agilent 16314A. Please refer to Agilent Application Note AN 346-2.

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North Hills is a leading provider of measurement and connectivity solutions since 1952. Its leading-edge products are currently meeting the demanding needs of OEM customers in the military, aerospace, instrumentation, medical and industrial process control markets. North Hills is a division of Porta Systems Corporation headquartered in Syosset, New York with operations throughout the world.

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