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North Hills Introduces New Line of Wide Band Signal Processing Products for the Test and Instrumentation Market

Syosset, NY (October 3, 2005) - - North Hills, a division of Porta Systems Corp., announced it has developed a new line of instrumentation grade bridges that measure the transverse or differential signal resulting from the application of a longitudinal or common mode signal to a balanced network. The test can be found in ITU-T Recommendation O.9, titled "Measuring Arrangements to Assess the Degree of Unbalance about Earth". The ratio of the differential response voltage to the applied common mode voltage is defined as Longitudinal Conversion Loss or "LCL".

"The LBB series uses a patented magnetic circuit to achieve an essentially frequency independent inherent balance that exceeds 60 dB at 300 MHz," said Richard Schwarz, North Hills General Manager . " This new series of bridges provide engineers an easy, straightforward way to measure LCL characteristics of common twisted pair networks including those using Category 6 and are North Hills' latest addition to an extensive line of connection and measurement devices."

The LBB Longitudinal Bridges connect the input and outputs of 50 ohm network analyzers to the balanced network of interest. The output of the network analyzer applies a common mode input signal to the network under test via J2. The resulting differential signal appears at J1. The ratio of the two signals is calculated and the result (LCL) displayed over the frequency range of interest

The bridges are supplied with female BNC connectors for both the J1 and J2 ports and socket style terminals to connect the item under test. They are shipped in a plastic case for easy storage and calibration data is also included. Engineers only need to know the desired output impedance and frequency range to choose the right part for their application. Bridges also can be ordered with other types of connectors. Please contact the factory for custom configurations.

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North Hills is a leading provider of measurement and connectivity solutions since 1952. Its leading-edge products are currently meeting the demanding needs of OEM customers in the military, aerospace, instrumentation, medical and industrial process control markets. North Hills is a division of Porta Systems Corp. headquartered in Syosset , New York with operations throughout the world.

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